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Thank you for your interest in learning more about the benefits of using the FULL VERSION of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

The Learning Library from Great West Casualty Company is powered by Infinit-I and allows you to access over 350 videos 24/7, 365 on any device that accesses the internet.

Our FULL VERSION of Infinit-I has additional features not found within the Learning Library, including automatic tracking of driver training and comprehension. Below is an explanation of the features and benefits provided by the FULL VERSION of Infinit-I.

1. Ability to assign specific videos to individual drivers or groups of drivers based on your company’s specific needs:
(Note: Complements CSA safety management cycle initiative)

  • Remote orientation
  • Ongoing awareness training
  • Corrective action training

2. Complete reporting and tracking for all training:

  • Reports participation and comprehension as a 3rd-party provider
  • Paperless documentation tracks ongoing driver development over time
  • Measure initiatives and training (fuel, CSA scores, driver violations, etc.)

3. Customized solutions:

  • Remotely deliver the majority of orientation online before spending resources
  • Create corrective action solutions
  • Company-specific HR initiatives
  • Set expectations and communicate company cultureDeliver custom content specific to your company’s needs

4. Client Services Support:

  • Consultative approach
  • Implementation strategy
  • Driver adoption best practices

Please see the chart below that lists the differences between the Learning Library and the FULL version of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions:

*Great West clients receive preferred Infinit-I pricing.

For more information about the FULL VERSION of Infinit-I,
please call 1-877-658-2252.

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