Join more than 1300 companies across North America who use Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to empower their training programs.  On an annual basis, more than 351,000 employees improve their performance abilities by completing online training modules on our system.

Our team thinks like a business partner and cares about the results of your training.  As part of this initiative, we have created custom training videos to serve the needs of various industries.  The sections below will link you to more information on the unique training catalogs we have developed to help serve the training needs of businesses across North America.

Human Resources

If you want to affect change within your organization, there is only one way to do that. You must have training and accountability. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions allows businesses of all sizes and types to empower their profitability through online training programs. We are more than an employee development e-learning platform. We are a trusted business partner. Our number one priority is to help you design and implement an online training program that serves the needs of your company. This includes helping you assign unique training videos that are specific to your company. Plus, we have an expansive catalog of compliance related topics designed to ensure your managers and employees understand how to avoid the most common issues that lead to costly EEOC complaints, harassment and discrimination issues, and Title VII grievances.

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Infinit-I Training Management System for Business & Human Resources Catalog


Our history in providing online training for schools started in the student transportation department. Our catalog has over 300 training videos specifically designed to ensure school bus driver training is fresh and easy to complete.

Schools quickly realized our unique training system allowed them to do compliance training and staff development across the entire district. Because we view each client relationship as a partnership, our catalog grew to reflect the training needs schools face across the nation.

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Infinit-I Training Management System for Schools Catalog


Our company started as one of the first online recruiting platforms for truck drivers. When we sold that business, we pioneered online training for trucking companies. Since creating our first safety training video for truck drivers in 2007, our catalog has grown to include more than 750 training titles specifically designed to empower the safety of your truck drivers, the efficiency of your maintenance department, the communication between your dispatchers and drivers, and the profitability of your company as a whole. We specialize in producing training that is easy for drivers to take during downtime or in between loads.

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Infinit-I Training Management System for Trucking Catalog