Carroll Fulmer Logistics Attends Boot Camp Program

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Selects Infinit-I Workforce System for Online Training

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation in Groveland, Florida has partnered with Vertical Alliance Group to provide online training and communication to their drivers via the Infinit-I Workforce System. The system will help them to streamline training, ensure accurate documentation, improve license expiration notifications, and maximize communication efforts across their company.

“Vertical Alliance Group is proud to partner with Carroll Fulmer as their online training provider. We are committed to helping them succeed, and we are glad they were able to attend our Infinit-I Boot Camp Program to learn how to maximize their use of the system,” said Brad Pruitt, Vertical Alliance territory manager in Florida. “As we do with all of our clients, we will continue to work with them on a monthly basis to ensure all of their employees get the most out of the online training platform.” One of the features the team at Carroll Fulmer expressed excitement over with the Infinit-I Workforce System was how the short training segments were a big improvement over the other online training platforms they had utilized in the past.

“I like the fact that there are very short training videos,” said Jennifer McDannell, training supervisor at Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation. “ training could be up to 32 pages, and if the drivers don’t answer the questions right, could take a driver up to an hour and 15 minutes just to complete one session. That’s just too long in this industry.” Most of the training videos within the Infinit-i Workforce System are less than seven minutes in length. They are designed so drivers can watch a training video from anywhere using any platform with internet access.

This means drivers can quickly complete safety training in between loads or during downtime waiting at a dock. “I liked , but it limited so much that I could do with the drivers. Literally, if they did not have a laptop computer in their truck, I would have to route them into Groveland to train, or have them do it on their home time. I like the fact that I can set-up my own content with the Infinit-I Workforce System, and that drivers can actually access this on very simple tools like smartphones,” McDannell said. Another feature the team at Carroll Fulmer is looking forward to utilizing with the Infinit-I Workforce System is the license expiration notification feature.

The system has the ability to automatically alert drivers and managers of upcoming expiration notices in plenty of time to ensure drivers can update their documents. This feature helps ensure transportation companies never have to pull a driver off of the road due to a paperwork date. “It’s going to help the girls who do the background checks to be able to put whendriver license card, CDL, and medical card expires, so that they get information on that.

That is a god send,” McDannell said. Carroll Fulmer Logistics has over 60 years of experience in the transportation industry and is known for their first-rate performance. Vertical Alliance Group has been providing online solutions for the transportation industry for nearly two decades. To learn more about the Infinit-I Workforce System, register to attend an Infinit-I Boot Camp Program by filling out the form.