7 Transportation Related Companies Attend

March 8-9, 2016 * Stockyards Hotel

Infinit-I Boot Camp StockyardsVertical Alliance Group, would like to recognize the representatives from twelve companies across the transportation industry who attended our Infinit-I Engage Evaluation Program March 8th and 9th at the Stockyards Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas. Throughout the free two day event, the attendees learned the latest trends in safety training, along with strategies to mitigate their risk of failing a DOT audit or having to pay large punitive damage sums in the event of an accident.

Attendees included:

  • Steve Frantz, Director of Safety, Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.
  • Mike Baker, HR Director, Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.
  • Ray Connors, Director of Safety, Daybreak Express
  • Jim Anderson, Vice President of Safety, Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc
  • Todd Hosea, Non-fleet Safety Analyst, Great West Casualty Company
  • Larry Barton,  Asst. Vice President,  Great West Casualty Company
  • John Joines, VP Safety Services, Great West Casualty Company
  • Scott Sullins, Asst VP of Safety, Great West Casualty Company
  • Scott Claffey. VP Safety Services, Great West Casualty Company
  • Kevin Skow, VP Safety Services, Great West Casualty Company
  • Mark Theisen, Great West Casualty Company
  • Terry Keime, Great West Casualty Company
  • Mike Stevens, Safety Manager, Heavy Duty Trucking
  • Robert Dillahay III, Heavy Duty Trucking
  • Erica Shoop, Safety Team Lead, Millennial Transport Services
  • Martin Herrerra, Director of Safety, Millennial Transport Services
  • Barry Adams, R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products
  • Terry Tesch, General Manager, R.B. Stewart Petroleum Products
  • Donna Tomlinson, Recruiting and Membership Manager, Tennessee Trucking Association