B Keith Transportation Picks Infinit-I’s Safety Training Boot Camp

B Keith Transportation Picks the Infinit-I Workforce System for Online Safety Training

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Andrea McSwain, Office Manager, B Keith Transportation attended the Boot Camp Program on November 7th in Irving, Texas.  At the end of the event, she sat down with our team and shared with us her biggest takeaway from the event.

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Trucking Company IconTell us a little bit about your company and your role at the company.

My name is Andrea. I am the office manager of two small companies – sister companies. I work directly with the owner. At this time, I’m overseeing a little bit of safety and operations. Primarily, we carry freight for FedEx ground. We do have a couple of solo routes that are a little bit closer from our main terminal in Fort Worth. It’s all drop and hook, terminal-to-terminal. Our drivers don’t touch any freight. They generally carry doubles, and they’re usually out about five days a week. So, it’s pretty cut and dry.

Online driver safety trainingWhat was your biggest takeaway from today?

My biggest takeaway from today is, where has a product like this been? It’s kind of amazing to me that something like this hasn’t existed for for us before now. That the company has operated for about 13 years without something like this, I think it’s going to really alleviate a lot of the stress for the office anyway.

Document TrainingWhat was the best lesson you learned from the attorney’s keynote presentation?

To document, to write down, to just really keep really good files. To make sure we’re keeping them a little bit longer, so that we can go back if need be. There’s a lot of turnover sometimes in the trucking industry. So, a lot of times creating files becomes kind of troublesome, and we try to limit what we’re putting into them. I think by doing that, we may leave out things. So, it was just kind of reassuring that, hey we really need to be making sure we’re keeping good files in the event that anything does happen.


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