RS Concrete Attends Boot Camp Program


This month we welcomed 13 trucking companies to the Vertical Alliance Training Campus in Irving, Texas, where we taught them how to maximize online training and build a strong safety culture. Two of the people who joined us were Irma Salinas and David Caudillo, both of whom work for RS Concrete in Houston, TX. During the event, Irma and David sat down with us and shared why they were glad they had taken advantage of the opportunity to attend.

What RS Concrete Learned at the Boot Camp Program

Question: Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Company
We are a family-owned business for concrete manufacturing. We deliver all ready mix concrete. We’ve been in business since 1992 are are the largest family-owned concrete business in Houston. Owned by a Hispanic actually and the body that’s us

Question: Why did you decide to come to the Boot Camp Program?

Our insurance agent, Kimberly, is the one that put us on to checking it out. She got one of the sales rep down to Houston, and we had a meeting there. We liked the program and think it fits our company just because of the hours that our drivers work. That’s why we made it over here.

Question: What are two things you learned at the event?

How important safety meetings, trainings, and orientations are for our drivers. And how we can actually implement them and make drivers interested in them … once they’re hired and before they’re hired. And how quick and easy the meetings can be.

Question: If one of your colleagues was thinking about coming to this event, what are two reasons you would give them for coming?

They should come once because everybody here, and this company, knows exactly what they’re talking about. They’re very knowledgeable. What they’re saying the product they’re selling, their expertise is awesome. The people they bring in here know exactly what they’re talking about, exactly what companies need in order for them to get their job done for their companies

Question: What did you learn during the event that may change your current training program?

Document. How important is it for you to have everything documented and in place in the event a tragic event, or any little bumper-to-bumper happens. You know, it’s just how important it is to have it signed and to document.


About the Boot Camp Program

Our Boot Camp Programs are free, two-day, hands-on classes designed specifically to teach you how implement online training. The event is the fastest way for you to discover what your training program should look like, all while networking with like-minded industry professionals. You’ll learn how easy it is to reduce your liabilities, establish a culture of safety and excellence in your company, and empower your employees.

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