2 Reasons Charlie’s Produce Attends Bootcamp Training Program

Infinit-I Engage Evaluation Program | Charlie's Produce Testimonial

Jorge delToro, Safety Director at Charlie’s Produce, recently attended the Infinit-I Boot Camp Program at the Vertical Alliance Training Campus in Irving, Texas. The goal of the event was to teach Jorge, and other attendees, how to maximize online training to build a strong safety culture in their transportation companies.

During the event, Jorge sat down with us and shared why he was glad he had taken advantage of the opportunity to attend the event.

What Charlie’s Produce Learned at the Boot Camp Program

Question: Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Company
My name is Jorge delToro. I work for Charlie’s Produce. We’re a wholesale produce distributor on the West Coast with about eight branches. We have about 280 drivers and 240 trucks. As far as customers, we have everything from restaurants to grocery stores. We really just excel in produce distribution.

Question: Why did you come to the Infinit-I Boot Camp Evaluation Program?
I came to further develop our training program. We’re at a place where we feel we’ve hit baseline, and we want to do more to really excel. I think we owe it to our drivers, and we owe it to the public to keep stellar safe drivers out there. I feel that this program can help us achieve that.

Question: What are two things you learned at the event?
Just how much record-keeping comes into play and how such a simple little thing really is brought up in really serious accident conversations when we talk about liability. I think that is what stood out to me the most.

The second thing I learned was just how easy you can achieve that record-keeping. Not only to be compliant, but also to limit and mitigate your risk.

Question: If one of your colleagues was thinking about coming to an Boot Camp event, what two reasons would you give them to come?
There’s a number of reasons. ]I’d say the opportunity to ask questions. I know that sometimes people like the instant answers. For me, it’s been really beneficial to think of a question about the product and to ask it right here. I know a lot of times you can’t do that over email or phone conference. I think that’s a really good benefit for my peers to attend.

One of the things I noticed here was just an opportunity to network and discuss similar challenges we all face with training and record-keeping and dealing with that issue. I think it’s great to see what other carriers are doing in that sense. To see what they have in place.

Question: What did you learn during the event that may change your current training program?
I learned how uniform your system can be, yet at the same time, you can cater it to your specific operation. For us, with our specific branches, and even within those branches and the different types of drivers that we have (over the road, local, short haul, and non CDL drivers). It’s nice to bring consistency but also know you can cater to our specific needs.

About the Boot Camp Evaluation Program

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