Check This Out! Everything You Need To Know About Engage Bootcamp In One Location

Engage Bootcamp is back with one change – We Are Digital! Here is everything you need to know about Remote Infinit-I Engage. 

What is Bootcamp? 

Lots of people have been asking about the return of Bootcamp, so we are bringing it back! We started 7 years ago as an in-person 2-day seminar for owners, presidents, safety directors, and trucking professionals to gather, share knowledge, and learn the secrets of success in trucking. 

Today, it’s for professionals who specialize in trucking to give advice and presentations on insurance risks, legal matters, safety issues, and driver retention. All sessions, Q&As, workshops, and even a custom content tutorial are given to attendees at absolutely no cost.   

AND, Bootcamp has always been a NO SALES ZONE! Absolutely no sales pitches, no contracts, no pressure. Attendees were there to learn and get to know us. 

This year, ware offering a 4-day event with trucking industry professionals who have promised amazing presentations.  

Why you should attend

This event is designed specifically for owners, presidents, safety directors, and professionals in the trucking industry.  

Engage Bootcamp events consist of expertly designed modules that focus on specific challenges the trucking industry will face rolling into 2021.   

In this professional seminar, our experts will show you:    

  • – Insurance risk assessment factors 
  • – Saving money with accident reductions, driver retention, corrective action 
  • – Direct legal advice on reducing liabilities 
  • – Establishing a first-class culture of safety   

 This program is the fastest way to prepare for the new year:   

  • – Owners and Business Managers – Receive actionable advice directly from experts (legal, insurance, consulting, safety)  
  • – Safety Directors – Earn you two continuing education credits Direct legal advice on reducing liabilities 
  • – Professionals – Build action plans and takeaways for every trucking company on the market

If you are interested in actionable insight on insurance pricing, legal matters, safety issues, and driver retention, delivered from industry experts specialized in trucking, then add this event to your calendar by registering here. 

Key Takeaways

Engage is here to help you strategize and position your company for success rolling into 2021. You will receive actionable information that will prepare you for challenges you and others will face throughout the next year. We view this event as our opportunity to invest in the industry by empowering the thought leaders and strategic minds of trucking. 

People who sign up will receive an action page designed to ensure they have the tools for effecting changes in their organization. Sign up now. 


The lineup of speakers is incredible! You’ll receive invaluable information from leadership across the insurance, legal, and trucking industries. These expert presentations qualify as continuing education credits for NATMI. Join us, earn credits, and receive useful education from the experts.  

Look at the agenda below: 


Topic: Insurance Risks, Trends, and Forecasts 

Guest: Phillip Wiggington of Nationwide E&S Specialty 

Overview: Insurance risk assessment factors and how to position your company in the face of emerging challenges. Discover the keys to successful safety programs (and fatal mistakes). 



Topic: Hands-On Safety, getting the most out of Infinit-I 

Guest: Alisa Whitestone, Safety Director of Whitestone Transportation 

Overview: Getting the most from Infinit-I: Maximum Benefit. Current clients talk bottom line. Save money with accident/violation reduction, driver retention, corrective action, etc.   



Topic: Legal Challenges and Risk minimization 

Guest: Defense Attorney Payton Inge, Partner  

Overview: Defense lawyer explains the top weaknesses of trucking companies. Biggest liabilities and what NOT to do in an accident. Protect your company before the discovery process begins.   



Topic: Roundtable Talks with Experts 

Guest: Mark Rhea and Craig Hart 

Overview: Industry leadership reveals the most common pain points and effective remedies. How driver participation drives improvement. Live Q&A with industry experts and Infinit-I hosts! 

Experts on Engage

Of course, we are excited! We have been looking forward to the return of Bootcamp for some time. Now that it is back and presented in a convenient format, we want to share it with the entire country!  But don’t just take our word for it; see what the experts have to say:   

“The Bootcamp we enjoyed … has been amazing. I recommend it to everyone. It will really help your fleet, broaden your horizons in safety, and help the motoring public move down the road. 

 -Timothy Galloway, Safety Manager CDT USA Inc 

“The information I learned through Bootcamp has helped us get our orientation program completely online and self-paced. In addition, we learned several ways to encourage our drivers and staff to complete this training on time, every time.” 

 -Chris Wells, Safety Director, Norton Transport 


“You’re really able to step back and take the time to fully understand what is going on at your company. It has been well worth the time.” 

 -Jeff Reed, President, Skyline Transportation 


“I’m taking back information that’s probably going to change our company forever.” 

 -Eric Nelson, Vice President, Arnold Transportation 

 Take Action:

Engage isn’t just a name; it’s a call-to-action. Come. Make a difference in your future, your safety program, your legal coverage, your driver retention, your insured carriers, your world – all at our expense. Do the following;  

  1. Register now. 
  2. Extend this value to your network with this “ready-to-go” messaging. Simply copy and paste to your social media page:Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is offering a remote event that qualifies for continuing education credit. If you are a safety professional, a president, or an owner of a trucking company, sign up now at the link below.