Managing Student Behavior on a School Bus

Managing Student Behavior on a School Bus

What’s the biggest issue facing school bus drivers today?

Hands-down, student management.

Student disruptions and misbehaviors have reached an all-time high since the pandemic. A July 2022 study by the National Center for Education Statistics reported that 84% of public schools agreed that students’ behavioral development has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  

Reported incidents were up during the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Student misconduct in the classroom +56% 
  • Acts of disrespect +48% 
  • Rowdiness outside the classroom +49% 

To be fair, students were stuck at home without the typical structure and expectations of school. Now we’re having to re-teach those boundaries. 

Whether you’re a monitor or a school bus driver pulling double-duty, you’re more likely to encounter student issues now than ever before. It’s important to know how to handle student discipline, bullying, and other incidents. 

Expert Tips for Effective Student Management for School Bus Drivers

Jolene Hawkins, former President of the Texas Association of Pupil Transportation, gave us her #1 recommendation: Get to know your kids. Greet them by name. Plenty of students think you aren’t paying attention, so this will show them you care (and you’re watching!). 

Trish Hudson, Training Supervisor of North East ISD, said it all boils down to this: Keep your kids seated. State your expectations simply and clearly. The moment you open the door for discussion is the moment you’re lost. Simple is best: Sit down and face forward. 

Infinit-I for Schools is the leading learning management system for school bus drivers and monitors. It includes a catalog of over 450 videos relating to student transportation—including student management training library! 

And since most federal and state guidelines advise you to “use your best judgement,” it’s important to tell your school bus drivers what your district’s expectations are around student management. Upload your expectations, policies, and handbooks to Infinit-I and assign to your entire team in time for the new school year. 

View more details about Infinit-I’s school transportation safety training.

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