DOT Regulation Updates You Need to Know

DOT Regulation Updates You Need to Know

Regardless of which section of the transportation industry you’re in, it’s important to understand how changes to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations affect your business. Some drastic changes occurred to various regulations to comply with the ELD Mandate passed in Dec. 2017. To avoid hefty fines, it’s up to you to familiarize yourself and your business’s stakeholders with all the policy updates. A few of the significant DOT regulation updates for 2018 are below.

DOT medical regulation updates

The DOT medical regulation updates go into effect, July 2018. At that time, due to the ELD Mandate, FMCSA will no longer require truck drivers to submit documentation of a Medical Examiner’s Certificate. Similarly, drivers won’t need to take their MEC with them on the road. Instead, FMSCA’s electronic database will confirm a driver’s medical information.

New DOT Regulation Updates: Drug Tests

As of January 2018, DOT regulation updates added four new drugs to drug testing procedures. The four semi-synthetic opioids are hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone. MDEA was removed from an initial testing list and replaced with MDA.

A new section of the regulation now specifies urine sample analysis as the only approved method of drug testing. HHS-certified labs must update their tests to accommodate these regulations. DOT testing is a five-panel drug test, which tests for 14 drugs. Specific details are on the website.

The ELD Mandate is in effect

As you know, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate began in Dec. 2017. What you might not know, is full enforcement of the ELD Mandate started April 1. Drivers can be taken out of service if they do not have an ELD, under the authority of FMCSA. Even the 90-day temporary waiver from ELD for agricultural transportation is no longer valid. Stay up to date with ELD information by checking the FMCSA website regularly. And stay tuned to your Infinit-I Workforce Content Solution for new and updated training for ELDs as well.

The government continually re-evaluates safety on U.S. roads. Therefore, DOT regulation updates happen on a consistent basis. Online safety training simplifies the process for both fleet owners and operators to stay on top of these ever-changing regulations. The Infinit-I Workforce System provides online training solutions specifically designed for trucking companies; check out some of our Client Success Stories. If you’re ready to learn more, request a demo here.