School Bus Driver Safety Training

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Bullying & Suicide Prevention
Recognizing the signs and symptoms of bullying or suicidal thoughts is important for educators. Many states require schools to have training in place on both topics. Videos in this series are great resources to help educators learn about mental health intervention and suicide prevention.

Crossing Guards
Many students walk or ride bikes to school, making the role of crossing guard vitally important during peak traffic times like pick-up and dropoff. Videos in this series demonstrate proper crossing guard techniques, including the eight steps to crossing kids safely.

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Schools Training
Providing supervisor training about drug and alcohol testing, along with employee education training, helps keep your workplace safe and mitigates your company’s risk of having a non-compliant drug and alcohol testing program.

Health & First Aid for Schools
Whether it’s keeping your staff healthy, or just making sure they know how to administer basic first aid in the event of an on-the-job injury, the videos in this section are designed to help keep your staff and students safe and healthy.

Human Resources Training
Ensuring your employees are compliant with all federal workplace requirements is important to mitigate your district’s chances of lawsuits and negligence claims. Our HR training series offers a broad spectrum of training on topics like bullying, EEOC, FMLA, Title VI, HIPAA, Harassment, Ethics, and more.

School Laws & Regulations
Administrators, educators, and auxiliary staff are all required to follow certain laws when working with children. While laws vary by state, some training and topics are the same across the nation. Training in this series focuses on ensuring your staff is aware of the laws and regulations your district may be required to comply with.

School OSHA & Safety Management
The OSHA safety training series is designed to help broaden worker and employer knowledge on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in their workplaces.

School Violence
Helping prevent school violence starts with awareness of violence prevention and development of intervention skills and techniques. Videos in this series are designed to help ensure school staff are prepared to keep students safe in a society where stories of school violence are becoming more prevalent.

Special Education
Videos in this series are designed to help educate staff on how to handle specific issues related to serving the needs of students with special needs.

Student Transportation
Student transportation is among the safest modes of travel in the country, but finding and keeping well trained school bus drivers isn’t always easy. The videos in the student transportation series are designed to train new school bus drivers, provide corrective action training for current drivers, and inspire behavioral change to improve safety across all school bus fleets.

FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions
Infinit-I Workforce delivers ELDT courses on the topics that are necessary to meet FMCSA regulations. The training we provide is continually updated to meet the latest regulations so you will always be prepared.