Why Online Training is the Best Tool for Corrective Action Training

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Using Online Training for Corrective Action Training

Truck drivers work incredibly hard. Many put in well over 60 hours per week away from the comfort of loved ones and friends transporting billions of tons of a freight in a year. Drivers are attracted to the transportation industry because of good pay and consistency.

Many of these are skilled drivers, but no matter how skilled a driver is, infractions and accidents can still occur. When this happens, the FMCSA requires corrective action training before a driver returns to the road.

These infractions can occur because of mistakes or confusion regarding compliance with new or updated regulations. Infractions can occur among leadership and drivers, and an easy method like online systems for completing necessary training is the best way to reduce disruptions and clarify regulations.

Handling Corrective Action Needs

Corrective action training needs to happen quickly. While a driver is off the road, they are not making money and your fleet is moving less freight. This can even make difficulties with customers as they are getting delayed shipping times.

The fastest way to get training completed and get your driver back on the road is using online training like Infinit-I workforce Solutions. The training is accessible anytime, anywhere with any device that has an internet connection. Wherever your driver is, they can access and complete the required training modules.

The vast video library included with the Infinit-I platform includes training on many different scenarios. No matter what type of violation occurs, there is training available to address it. It’s simple for your safety team to assign modules with a completion timeframe for drivers to get it done.

The system keeps a record of all progress, including date and time-stamped completion certificates. This information is readily available for submission during audits, depositions, or any other situation requiring documentation.

Depending on the severity of the violation, you may want to follow up with other corrective actions. When a driver returns to the hub, you can set up additional in-person meetings to ensure they understand regulations. You can also upload custom content for drivers to understand how your organization handles different issues.

Beyond Corrective Action

The Infinit-I Workforce system provides online tools for corrective action training, but it’s useful for so much more. This platform is a customizable learning management system to meet all your training needs.

You can add custom content created by your company. You can integrate other tools such as ELDs with API integration. You can segment teams to communicate specific needs to different parts of your organization.

Whether you need to send corrective action or ongoing training to team members, or you need to announce new company initiatives, The Infinit-I system is the resource you need. To learn more about this system and the benefits it can bring to your company, request a demo.