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Customize your training for the best results

Adding your own custom policies, procedures, and videos has been proven to help increase engagement and performance. According to Brandon Hall Group, 95% of companies that deliver personalized learning reported an improvement in individual performance, and 91% of companies reported an improvement in organizational performance.

Custom training doesn’t have to be difficult. Adding handbooks, policies, and simple messages about your company’s specific equipment, terminals, or clients can have a huge impact on your team’s confidence and performance.

Here are some ideas from our clients

Direct communication from the CEO

“I do a monthly CEO message. I try to keep it between three and four minutes. We have a combination of drivers and independent contractors, and they all appreciate that. A few of them nicknamed me ‘Hollywood’.”

– Jay Winegardner President & CEO Truck One, Inc.

Employee Handbooks & Maintenance Manuals

Store your company policies, handbooks, and manuals in the resource area of your Infinit-I site for employees to access at any time.

Create custom PDFs, PowerPoints, Excel Documents, Surveys, Videos, and more through Infinit-I

All content and communication through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is customized for your business needs. In addition to your Infinit-I Workforce Solutions learning management system, we also set up your own employee resource center hosted within your Infinit-I LMS website.

Custom content can be stored in the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions learning management system, or the employee resource center.

STORE policies, protocols, & other important documentation

“I put all our OSHA policies online. We sent them via Infinit-I where drivers have to check and certify they received them and then the policies went in the Resource Center. I had to revise a lot of our policies in the spring, and I sent all of our revisions over the system. We’ve got the best year, as far as our OSHA 300 worker’s comp, best year in 7 years.”

Chris Conrad, Safety Manager, Sterling Transport

Share New Benefits Packages

“Let’s face it. It’s hard to get 500 guys together to sign something. When it’s time to do the insurance every year, we put insurance forms on the Infinit-I Workforce system. So when the driver goes home, instead of having to find his packet, he can sign on to Infinit-I and print them all off.”

– Steve Frantz Vice President of Safety Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.

Connect with Employees or Specific Departments

“We put our newsletter on the Infinit-I Workforce system. We can now get out messages that typically we weren’t getting out to the drivers. There’s a lot of powerful tools in the Infinit-I program.”

– Jay Thomas Executive Director Super Service, LLC

Deliver Customer Specific Training

“We have a customer that requires special training. We posted the training on Infinit-I and we’re their only company that completed the training. Infinit-I allows all of our employees to do their training at their pace. We really like that we can add our own curriculum and customize the training to our needs.”

Chris Van Meerhaeghe, Fleet Operations Manager, Robertson & Williams Transport

Customize your Infinit-I site’s Welcome Page (homepage)

Your Infinit-I homepage is the best place for real-time employee communication for your business. Here are just a few ways you can utilize your homepage to keep your employees invested in your company:

  • Company Newsletter
  • Recognize “employee of the month”
  • Company videos
  • New policies
  • Message from the CEO
  • Upcoming event dates
  • Birthday announcements
  • Company holiday schedule

With Infinit-I, the possibilities of custom training content are endless.

We are ready to digitally consolidate, reorganize, and archive your current company content, at no additional cost for Infinit-I clients. Are there recurring questions you find yourself answering for multiple employees? Our team can help you turn that information into custom content, saving you both time and money by maximizing your efficiency.

With Infinit-I, the possibilities of custom training content are endless.

Custom Content Testimonial

“We are impressed with the quality and content of the videos and the flexibility of the program. We have been able to partner with Infinit-I to create our own videos and training modules to fit our needs. We facilitate and administrate with ease from one central location. Any issues have been few and quickly remedied. Customer Service has always been enthusiastic, thorough and professional. I give Infinit-I Workforce Solutions two thumbs up!”
Reed Hurst Trucking
Pat Bode, Safety Manager

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