Dr. Johnson Rural Educational Assoc. Review

“Hi, my name is Dr. Steven Johnson. I sit on the North Dakota Small Organized Schools board of directors; the superintendent in Lisbon and Fort Ransom. I’ve been in this business for about 45 years.  

We’ve used Infinit-I off and on over the years with our membership through the North Dakota Small Organized Schools at a discount rate and during the time of COVID, where we couldn’t have the normal workshops, we used them extensively for all of our drivers. 

We have found that Infinit-I is cost effective, quick, and it’s easy for our drivers to use that. I would recommend Infinit-I there. 

Like anyone, and as part of your membership in the North Dakota Small organized schools, you most certainly will get the fees that we charge at a reduced rate. 

Infinit-I meets your drivers’ needs, and now, especially with the new training that’s required through the permit process for the CDL, and even more important that you have this opportunity in this particular platform for training your drivers. 

Once again, I want to thank Krystal for doing such a fine job. She’s been more than helpful here in the state of North Dakota and with that, good luck with everybody in this next year and fill those drivers’ positions.” 

~Dr. Johnson
Lisbon and Fort Ransom North Dakota Schools