Gipsy Johnson with Pampa ISD Review

“Hi, my name is Gipsy Johnson. I work for Pampa ISD and we have been using Infinit-I for our ELDT trainings and it’s been great.  

Our access for art staff, for professional staff, and our peer professional staff has been wonderful. 

It’s very easy to use, to set up. We’ve enjoyed all the classes available other than ELDT and we’ve been using the bus inspection class for our new drivers and also trainings for our previous drivers that already have licenses. 

The ability to be able to complete the classroom theory and practical portions, and at our driver’s convenience, is great. Also, the access to both mobile and desktop has been such a big help; because it’s, you know, it’s available for them to do at any time. Several have already passed their tests, their theory portion of the test, and have been working on their skills portion to go and test. 

It’s been super easy for them. They haven’t really had any questions once they’re set up and both on the mobile or on the desktop. Then they just go from there.  

I’ve had questions on the resources looking back on their testing and being able to give them those answers. It’s really easy, because Krystal has been there every step of the way to help us, and I’ve probably bugged too much but she’s always there and within a day getting answers to us and even walking us through the steps. 

But it has been a great resource for us and has extremely helped part of our jobs to make it easier and we really appreciate it and can’t wait to keep using it.” 

~Gipsy Johnson
F.A.C.E./Student Services Assistant
Pampa ISD