Steve Niemeyer with Llano ISD Review

“Our district was kind of concerned with ELDT, trying to figure out how we’re going to implement all the new rules and regulations that were coming down.

I had calls from different companies offering me programs that would assist in the process.

Then, I got a hold of Infinit-I and Infinit-I sold me a solution. If you’re looking for an ELDT answer, Infinit-I has it. We were able to walk through the process.

Krystal and I set everything up; got all of our drivers in the system, all of our personalized content that we wanted is in there, we have a couple of people going through the process right now and they love the simplicity of the program.

They’re able to do it at their own pace and go through the short video clips and all of the information that they’re learning is awesome. I’ve talked to them in depth about this.

The reports that you’re able to see with Infinit-I; you can track their progress, you can see what they’re having issues with and help them if they need that. But, I think the #1 thing I like about Infinit-I is their customer service.

You can call them up at any time and they have a solution. They have the answers that you’re looking for. ELDT. If you’re having problems, Infinit-I is the answer.”
~Steve Niemeyer
Director of Student Services
Llano ISD