Human Resources Training

Ensuring your employees are compliant with all federal workplace requirements is important to mitigate your district’s chances of lawsuits and negligence claims.  Our HR training series offers a broad spectrum of training on topics like bullying, EEOC, FMLA, Title VI, HIPAA, Harassment, Ethics, and more.

Included Modules


This section discusses bullying in the workplace, its negative effect on the company culture, and how to stop it.

EEOC & Title VII

This series discusses protected categories under a variety of federal laws, equal pay, pregnancy and age discrimination, disabilities, EEOC Claims, and federal contracting and equal employment.


This session focuses on the employee’s rights and responsibilities under FMLA. Emphasis is placed on communication with the company.

General Workplace

This series discusses social media in the workplace, employee benefits, computer use, customizing training, goal setting, writing and updating the employee handbook, onboarding, understanding the millennial workforce, and what to do when parents bully the school.


This series reviews reporting harassment, harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and sexual harassment.


This training covers the employer’s responsibilities for an employee’s personal information.

HR Compliance

This series reviews employee eligibility verification, performance evaluation, independent contractors, armed services employees, at will employment, fair credit reporting, fair labor standards, I-9 compliance, and immigration control.

Work Ethics

This series discusses developing your professional work ethic and mastering the diverse workplace.