School Laws & Regulations

Administrators, educators, and auxiliary staff are all required to follow certain laws when working with children.  While laws vary by state, some training and topics are the same across the nation.  Training in this series focuses on ensuring your staff is aware of the laws and regulations your district may be required to comply with.

Included Modules

ADA and Section 504

This video series discusses school districts’ obligations to implement and maintain the 504 process .It also explains the “Notice of Rights” obligation and the consent requirements not referred to in the statute, but interpreted by the OCR. Additional sections outline obligatory accommodations that must be provided for the student even beyond the classroom.


This video discusses the role of the custodian of records and defines who can access records.  It highlights discussing or sharing confidential records.

Copyright & Fair Use

This video section provides a brief overview of copyright law, and includes some sample situations that might occur. These videos help navigate the extent to which you can rely upon the fair use doctrine to avoid issues or concerns about violations of the copyright law.

Child Abuse

This video defines child abuse and neglect.  It details proper procedures for reporting suspected abuse or neglect and the consequences of not reporting suspected abuse.


Student Records are protected under FERPA, a federal law that applies to schools and colleges that receive federal financial assistance. FERPA affects school districts in some way almost every single day. For this reason, it is important for your entire staff to to know and understand what the law requires.  Our FERPA online training videos make it easy for your staff to undergo initial and ongoing training on FERPA requirements.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was created to protect individuals in federally funded educational programs from sex-based discrimination. This webinar training discusses what schools can do to prevent lawsuits and federal investigations under Title IX.