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Student transportation is among the safest modes of travel in the country, but finding and keeping well trained school bus drivers isn’t always easy.  The videos in the student transportation series are designed to train new school bus drivers, provide corrective action training for current drivers, and inspire behavioral change to improve safety across all school bus fleets.

Included Modules

Bus Stop Safety

This series reminds bus drivers of the importance of teaching students bus safety both on and off the bus.  It includes stories of a student who is almost hit by a car and one who lost their life from a vehicle passing a stopped bus.

CDL Training

This series covers DOT medical forms, medical exam requirements, qualifications and disqualifications of drivers for medical reasons, study questions for CDL training, and pre-trip inspections.

Child Safety Restraints

This series discusses child safety restraint systems.

Driving Best Practices

This series reviews accidents and reporting, emergency triangle use and placement, fixed object collisions, changing lanes, idling the school bus, distracted driving, procedures for handling a traffic incident, mirror adjustment, the dangers of night driving, railroad crossing, speed and space management, and a review of traffic signs.

Human Trafficking

This series includes basic information on trafficking, contact information for combating trafficking, how and when to make a call about human trafficking, and reporting suspicious situations.


This series reviews inspection procedures, checking bus instruments and brakes, post-trip inspection, and pre-trip inspection.


This series covers axle alignment and maintenance, bus tire rapid air loss/blowouts, the fundamentals of tire wear, and winter weather readiness.

Onboard the Bus

This series continues information on evacuation drills, fire extinguisher safety, loading and unloading, radio etiquette, common Spanish phrases for bus drivers, stop arm safety, school bus flood safety, and surviving a school bus fire.

Recruiting Bus Drivers

This series discusses the new era of driver recruiting and recruiting and retaining bus drivers.


This series reviews bus stop selection and routing efficiency, routing efficiency and cost savings, and using GPS to improve field trip management.

Special Needs Transportation

This series discusses common special needs conditions and conduct disorders, disciplinary procedures, emergency evacuation, individualized education plans, the legal basis for providing special transportation, staff development, transportation logistics, routing and scheduling, factors to consider when transporting special needs students, and wheelchair securement.

Student Management

This series reviews basic student management, how to prepare your bus for the day, and preparing the students and parents for bus transportation.