General Workplace Training

Our General Workplace Training section outlines proper use of workplace resources, and how to conduct a professional environment

Included Modules

Avoiding Liability Regarding Social Media

This webinar informs employers of the laws that need to be considered when reviewing an employee’s or applicant’s activity on social media as a term of employment.

Cell Phone Use in the Workplace

This video discusses cell phone etiquette in the workplace with special notes on cell phone cameras. As well as, cell phone usage while in work vehicles.

Company Computer Use

This video discusses proper use of company computers, including who owns the computer, creating safe passwords, downloading files, and improper personal use.

The Employee Handbook: Fixing the Eternal Headache

Your employee handbook can be your best friend or your worst enemy. By following a few simple rules when writing and updating your handbook and policies, you may be able to avoid employee lawsuits, or at least mitigate your risk if you are sued.

The Unwritten Rules for Onboarding New Employees

This webinar goes over the key elements to include in orientation to prevent your employees from becoming a legal nightmare.

Understanding Your Millennial Workforce

Do you know the top reasons millennials leaving their
organizations? Discover how to engage your millennial
workforce to make you to better be in tune to their needs.