HR Compliance

Training your managers and HR team on the do’s and don’ts that can keep your company out of hot water doesn’t have to be difficult.  Training in this series includes topics like Employment at Will, Company Computer Use, Employee Performance Evaluations, Hiring and Firing Employees, and more.

Included Modules

Benefits & Time Off

This series covers rights and responsibilities of Armed Services employees and benefits for managers and employees.


This series discusses the proper classification of employees, and how to avoid the cosequences of misclassifying employees and independent contractors.

Employee or Independent Contractor

This series discusses defining an employee or independent contractor and the IRS guidelines to help determine.

Employment at Will

These training videos discuss the concept of employment at will, while stressing the professional way to handle voluntary termination. This module also covers common exceptions to employment at will and handbook language that can protect the rights of both the employee and employer.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

This series covers the Fair Credit Reporting Act when doing background checks and other pre-employment verifications.

Fair Labor Standards Act

This series covers exempt and non-exempt employees and standard pay rates, including calculating overtime pay.


This series covers employer’s responsibilities for an employee’s personal information and employee’s rights and responsibilities under FMLA.

Hiring, Onboarding, & Evaluations

This section emphasizes best practices for assessing, and handling poor employee perfomance before, during, and after the hiring process. As well as, how to conduct an interview within best practice guidelines.

I-9 Compliance

This series discusses changes to the Form I-9, missteps to avoid, common mistakes made with the Form I-9, and immigration control for managers.

Job Descriptions

Creating a job description can be a tedious task, but this short module aids in creating a job description with standard elements for company hires, then refining it by adding additional elements to make it position specific.


This hour long webinar outlines 12 topis that HR pros should be training on to protect your company from lawsuits.