School , HR and Trucking OSHA & Safety Management

Our OSHA and safety training series is designed to help broaden worker and employer knowledge on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This series of videos covers what to do when in contact with blood or bodily fluids, OSHA compliance, and government regulations regarding blood and bodily fluids. There are also videos that discuss general hepatitis C overview, lifestyle influences on infection, common on the job risks, risks to first aid providers, vaccines, precautions, personal protection equipment, workplace hazard labeling, exposure risks and control, and OSHA updates on occupational

Compressed Air

This series of videos discusses compressed air and the equipment powered by compressed air, which can pose hazards and safety considerations.  This section reviews some common pneumatic tools and their safety considerations and potential Hazards.

Forklifts & Pallet Jacks

This series includes an overview of rules and certification for forklifts, general types of equipment, OSHA regulations for forklifts, safe handling of wooden pallets, basic safety rules of an electric pallet jack, and reporting unsafe conditions surrounding pallet jacks.

Hazardous Materials

This series includes information that drivers need to stay safe and healthy in their environment when working with formaldehyde, the bonding and grounding of flammable liquids transfers, hazcom basics, hazardous materials clean up, and the shipping of hazardous materials.

Health & First Aid

This module of videos trains how to deal with the results of a workplace accident. The types of emergencies discussed are shock, CPR, bleeding, heart attack, poison & overdose, and near drowning.

Hearing Conservation

This series discusses the parts of the ear and how it works, general hearing problems, understanding decibel level exposure, and how to prevent hearing loss.

OSHA Policies & Violations

This series reviews the top ten OSHA violations and why it’s important for employers to have a written safety and health plan, employees’ right to file a complaint with OSHA, whistleblower rights and protection, how to investigate an accident, and the forming of labor and management safety committees.

Walking Working Surfaces Rule

This video series covers all facets of OSHA’s walking working surfaces rule, which set new requirements for workplace safety and fall protection in general industry. This includes, but is not limited to, new training procedures involving ladders, scaffolds, and personal fall arrest systems.

Workplace Safety

This series of videos reviews charging batteries safely; safety working with chains, cranes, slings, and hoists; working in confined spaces; handling electricity safely; fire prevention responsibility in your work area; hand and power tool safety; housekeeping in manufacturing; documenting all energy sources and identifying potential safety hazards associated with each machine; machine guarding and conveyors; proper mounting with T-45 tire irons; personal protection equipment; respiratory protection; safe lifting; safe operation of cranes and hoists; tire shop hazards; warehouse safety; and a workplace safety inspection checklist.