Driver Skills Best Practices

Driving down the highway, your professional drivers can encounter an array of problems. Our Driver Skills Best Practices videos focus on empowering your drivers with the skills they need  to practice defensive driving and avoid collisions, rollovers, jackknifing, and more.

Driver Skills Best Practices Modules

Collisions, Rollovers, & Jackknifing

This series reviews what to do on the scene of an accident, fixed object collisions (high speed and low speed), vehicle design, load effects, highway factors, driver factors, and jackknifing.

Defensive Driving

This series discusses the seven essentials for defensive driving, the seven deadly errors cars make around large vehicles, adverse driving conditions, approaching intersections, navigating intersections, backing a rig safely, potential hazards of bridges and overpasses, changing lanes, rapid air loss from tires (blowouts), railroad crossings, tailgating, trucking in work zones, and unsafe driving acts of motorists in the vicinity of large trucks.

Distracted Driving

This series reviews various scenarios of distracted driving, ranging from cell phone usage to road rage.

Night Driving

This series discusses driving in the dark, fighting fatigue, preparing for the dark, and the dangers of night driving.

Speed and Space Management

This series discusses what correct management can do to help a driver be safe and emphasizes defensive driving as the key to a driver’s survival.