School Laws & Regulations

Keeping your company safe from litigation is an important part of a compliance and safety program.  Learn about litigation issues, laws governing the transportation industry, and how to safeguard your company and mitigate your risk of litigation through training.

Included Modules

5 Deadly Sins in Trucking

This series reviews the 5 Deadly Sins that can lead to lawsuits and punitive damages awards, including driver negligence, functionally asleep, last clear chance, negligent hiring, and negligent retention.

At the Scene of an Accident

This series reviews why all carriers, safety directors, and drivers should be concerned about litigation, trucking companies as targets of law firms, consistent treatment of drivers and situations, responding to catastrophic accidents, what to gather at the scene of an accident, and care of your driver.

ELD Mandate & Coercion

This series discusses the Electronic Logging Device Mandate, as well as the Driver Coercion Rule and how it effects supervisors.

Intermodal Equipment Provider Rules

This series defines the Intermodal Equipment Provider Rule (IEP), explains requirements pertaining to the IEP, and goes over developing procedures and providing sufficient space for drivers to perform a pre-trip inspection of tendered IME.