On the Job Injury Protection

Proper training can help prevent a lot of the most common on-the-job injuries. Our training videos on common on-the-job injuries combine training on how to prevent some of the most common on-the-job injuries with a unique series we call Real. Life. Lessons.  Produced in conjunction with Midwestern Insurance Alliance, our Real. Life. Lessons. series discusses workers’ compensation related accidents that occur daily in the trucking industry.

Included Modules

Heat Stress Awareness

This series discusses the types of heat stress, prevention of heat stress, and supervisor responsibilities.


This series discusses head injuries, lacerations, fractures, muscle tears, and trips on the job and how to stay aware of potential hazards.

Connecting Gladhands

This is a review of weather related injuries.

Trailer Landing Gear

This series promotes awareness of surroundings to avoid injury on the job related to trailer landing gear.

Behind the Wheel

This series discusses paying attention to weather, being mindful of overhead clearance, not putting too many passengers in the cab, swerving to avoid animal collision, and loose objects in the cab.

Entering & Exiting the Truck Cab

This series reviews the correct ways to enter and exit the truck cab, including paying attention to your footing and checking the ground and surroundings before stepping out.

Health & Wellness

This series reviews how to react when accidents occur, following doctors’ orders, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Inside the Truck

This series reviews the importance of maintaining the cab of the truck.


This series reviews the importance of paying attention to potential hazards while loading/unloading cargo, getting the appropriate help with loading/unloading, personal protective equipment, and proper handling.

Opening/Closing Doors & Boxes

This series discusses safety concerns when opening/closing trailer doors and the importance of securing your load prior to departure.

Truck Maintenance

This series reviews the importance of proper inspections and maintenance to avoid injury.

Fifth-Wheel Release

This series reviews injuries related to fifth-wheel release and how to avoid.

Cargo Securement

This video stresses the importance of preparing muscles for work.

Sliding Tandems

This series explains the paper practice for slider pin release, the importance of communication on the job, and the importance of reporting an injury.

Slips & Trips

This series discusses the importance of being aware of your surroundings in avoiding slip and fall injuries.

Strapping/Changing Flatbed Freight

This series discusses the importance of using proper procedures and being aware of your surroundings when working with flatbed freight.


This series reviews the hazards of working with automatic tarps, tarps, and bungee straps.

Unloading/Assisting/Tailgating Freight

This series reviews hazards of working with others and making sure to communicate at all times.