Hazmat Training

All employees who handle or ship hazardous material, employees who process hazardous materials paperwork, and supervisors of these employees must receive Hazmat training. This video series covers eight areas of Hazmat training, including: Bracing, Emergency Response, General Awareness, Packaging, Labeling, Marking, Placarding, and Shipping Papers.

Included Modules

Hazmat Training

This series discusses blocking and bracing a load, an emergency response guide, general awareness of hazardous materials, HazMat packaging, labeling, marking, placarding, and shipping papers.

HazMat General Awareness Training

This series reviews hazard classification and packaging, shipping papers, loading and unloading, securement, emergency response information, and incident reporting requirements.

HazMat Motor Carrier Security Action Item Training

This series discusses creating and implementing a HazMat transport security plan and team.

GHS Training

This series reviews the Global Harmonization System, the three basic categories of hazards, labeling hazards, pictograms, and Safety Data Sheets.