School Laws & Regulations

FMCSA Regulations require trucking companies, drivers, and other key personnel to understand and comply with vehicle inspection and safety rules.  Additionally, proper training about vehicle maintenance on things like brake safety, fundamentals of tire wear, and an overall understanding of how trucks operate, may help eliminate accidents and keep drivers and the motoring public safer on the roads.

Included Modules

Brake Safety

This series reviews how antilock brakes work, how to brake, braking safely, and heavy truck braking and braking techniques.

Axles & Tires

This series discusses axle alignment and maintenance and the fundamentals of tire wear and performance.

Truck Safety

This series discusses diesel exhaust fluid, inspecting a drive line, troubleshooting vibrations, and winter weather readiness.

Fleet Maintenance & Litigation

This series reviews the importance of fleet maintenance and the effects that it can have on reducing litigation.