Mike Sego with Burningham Enterprise Review

“This is Mike Sego with Burningham Trucking. 

Thanks to Covid we had to make some changes on training and it’s actually really good. 

Been a blessing as far as training, because now we’re training in more depth, covering more subjects and doing training more regularly. 

We looked at several solutions. 

We chose Infinit-I because of the many features, but to be honest we didn’t know when we signed on, we didn’t even understand the features like we do now. It’s so great and Amber, our representative, she is like the very best customer support that I’ve dealt with in any regard. She is so on the ball with everything, making sure everything gets done, handled, calling to see if there’s anything else she can do. I have just never met a better customer support person in my own life or better representative so. 

So we’re so happy with Infinit-I. 

We plan on never leaving thanks.”

~Mike Sego
Burningham Enterprises, Inc.