Scott Smith with Waddle Trucking Review

What’s your name and who are you with? 

Scott Smith Waddle Trucking. 

What is your favorite thing about The Infinit-I Workforce Platform? 

My favorite thing would be the ease of use for my employees. Not having to come into the office for their training, they can do it on the road they. Can do it. At home, when they have spare time, it just makes it so much more simple to get that education out to the drivers that they desperately need. 

What is your favorite thing about Vertical Alliance Group the Company? 

The customer service is top notch. 

What is your most important take away from The Partner Roundtable? 

I’m seeing how much Vertical Alliance truly cares about their product, wanting that feedback so that they can improve and then giving us an opportunity to network with other individuals in the industry. 

If someone was on the fence about attending The Partner Roundtable, what would you tell them? 

I’d tell them, come on down, and do it. It’s well worth the time that you spend here learning about other people and learning about the product and giving your feedback. They’re going to take that and run with it, and they’re going to do something great. 

~Scott Smith
General Manager
Waddle Trucking