Pat Landreth with Ozark Motor Lines Review

Ozark Motor Lines Testimonial

Steve Kessler asks, Did you lose drivers?

Pat replies “No we did not lose any drivers, not over training. Yeah we lost some drivers when we went to electronic logs years ago, yeah we lost  a few drivers. Then we went to automatic transmission, yeah we lost a few drivers. Though you weren’t a truck driver unless you had a gear shift. Then we went to cameras, when we went to cameras  we lost a few drivers and we’ve now got a newer better camera and we’ve lost a couple from that but they needed to be lost. They weren’t people we needed to keep.”

Steve Kessler asks, Since you have been with Ozark Motor Lines and I know you are working on culture change and you are still working on all that, can you see or could you say that you have reduced violations, accidents and incidents and has anything gone down that you can put your figure on?

Pat replies “When I got there (Ozark Motor Lines) our unsafe driving score was 91 percentile and now we are at 27 percentile for unsafe driving. So yes we are making changes. I look at preventable accidents for the first six months of this year over the first six months of last year and we are down 48%. The culture that we are changing, monthly training, cameras, the things that we are doing are going to pay us bid dividends. We doubled our deductible this year, our insurance year started august 1st. We are going to take on more risk to save money.”