Aleecia Allred with Gurney Trucking Review

What’s your name and who are you with? 

My name is Aleecia Allred and I’m with Gurney Trucking. 

What is your favorite thing about the Infinit-I Workforce Platform? 

I love that I can upload personal content specific to our company and our drivers. 

What is your favorite thing about Vertical Alliance Group the company? 

They’re very responsive. They’re quick to respond, and the videos that they already have available to us come in really handy for monthly training. 

What is your most important take away from The Partner Roundtable? 

Partner Roundtable is awesome for networking. Getting to meet other people in the industry and getting ideas, bouncing ideas off of each other and taking some of that home with you. 

If someone was on the fence about attending the partner roundtable, what would you tell them? 

Definitely come, it is definitely worth your time. 

~Aleecia Allred
Safety Manager & Benefit Administrator
Gurney Trucking