Leo Mitchell with Clark Transportation Review

What’s your name and who are you with? 

Oh my name is Leo Mitchell and I’m with Clark Transportation in Marion, IL. 

What is your favorite thing about the Infinit-I Workforce Platform? 

My favorite thing with the Infinit-I platform. Pretty much I can find any training that I need to do with the guys. Write here and assign it. It goes right after them. I don’t have to bring them in. 

What is your favorite thing about Vertical Alliance Group, the company? 

Anytime I’ve got a problem that’s came up or something. I make a phone call or send an e-mail and I get a response pretty quick. 

What is your most important take away from The Partner Roundtable? 

The Partner Roundtable with the with the group that was here today. Some of the information that the attorney talked about. What to tell my drivers they need to get pictures of and things like that at the accident scenes. 

If someone was on the fence about attending The Partner Roundtable, what would you tell them? 

More so my takeback from here on this is going to be more from the discussions that were going on between each one of the different companies. Then so much the discussion that was geared straight into the presentations. You know the one on ones with different safety people in different companies and what they’re doing and what you know might benefit us along the way. 

~Leo Mitchell
Safety Manager
Clark Transportation