Simplify Transportation Safety Training

Reduce time and money spent on your driver training program with Infinit-I’s online training management system.

Safety Managers

Training Made Simple for Safety Managers

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the ultimate safety manager tool for simplifying training, communication, and recordkeeping. Our online training and communication management tools allow you to provide necessary training and official communications no matter where your drivers are.

You can store custom content, such as policies and handbooks, in the resources center; making important documentation accessible to everyone who needs it.

Provide consistent, ongoing training from orientation to monthly and corrective action needs, without disrupting productivity.

Reduce the length and cost of your training program, while keeping your company safe from litigation and improving your insurability with our automatic documentation that allows you to access your safety records whenever you need.

Find Your What Ifs

Let us help improve your safety culture. Check out our eBook, The Top 5 What-Ifs of Safety Management, to learn how to combat the biggest problem areas that can torpedo a transportation fleet safety program.

Increase Safety, Reduce Risks

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides an online safety program for trucking companies that allows safety managers to provide consistent training from orientation to ongoing and corrective action.

Infinit-I is the ultimate tool for training, communication, and recordkeeping for the transportation industry. Cut your total training costs by up to 50% while ensuring that important safety, regulatory, and company policies are understood and retained.

The Infinit-I library uses short, focused training videos that ensure employees maintain focus and will remember the information presented. They can access their training from any device with internet connection, anywhere, so training doesn’t have to disrupt productivity for your team.

With automatic tracking and recording, you can access important documentation whenever you need it, providing an ironclad defense against the risk of litigation and audits.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Works with You

To Simplify & Streamline Your Driver Training Program

Audit Your Current Training and Determine How Infinit-I Can Help You Cut Costs

Our team will provide an ROI assessment to analyze how Infinit-I can help you cut training costs and make your business more profitable.

Access a Dedicated Client Success Team Ready to Help Your Training Program be Successful

Your company will have a dedicated client success team ready to help you get set up and help you manage the administrative details. They are also available to provide training suggestions and answer any questions you have.

Microlearning Training Videos to Increase Comprehension and Retention

The average training video in the Infinit-I library is 3 to 7 minutes long, focusing on one to two objectives. These microlearning techniques have been proven to increase comprehension and retention of the materials covered.

A Fully Customizable Training Platform

Infinit-I provides a custom-branded training platform with your company logo and colors. You can also upload custom content for individualized training needs. Make your training platform truly your own.

Cloud-Based, Mobile Learning Available 24/7

Our cloud-based training platform means no need to install or maintain software. The Infinit-I platform is available 24/7 so your employees can access training anytime from any device with an internet connection. We also have convenient mobile apps for Apple and Android, making accessing training even easier.

Digitally Archive Records for Easy Access

Required training is automatically tracked, recorded, and stored in real-time so safety managers or company executives can access documentation anytime it’s needed.

Fast download times for videos, documents, and other content

Your drivers see high-quality videos because our video servers are nationwide, for faster local loading times.

New training videos added regularly

Each month we release new videos on legislative updates or new topics, keeping our training fresh and relevant. Our video library includes content in English, Spanish, and French.

Get Drivers on the Road Faster and Keep The Wheels Rolling

With traditional orientation, drivers spend days processing documentation and completing pre-hire training. Add to that, each time you have in-person training you’re left with dozens of trucks parked for the day.

Traditional training is costly and time-consuming, plus it can be difficult to coordinate and accurately track.

At the end of a traditional training meeting, your drivers have forgotten 90% of the information provided.

Training with Infinit-I’s online training management means less workflow disruption, better comprehension, and better documentation.